In August 2015, #ashleymadisonhack spilled the records of 30 million affair-seeking people into the public domain. In this pilot episode of Emergents, we consider the social implications of this unprecedentedly expansive form of unilateral direct action.

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Jamie King | Host & Producer

Rob Alexander | Project Producer

David Triana | Sound Producer & Original Music

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Troy, Ella, Peter

Emergents S01E00, PWNED, with Troy Hunt (Have I Been Pwned), Ella Saitta (Dymaxion), and Peter Sunde (The Pirate Bay) (left to right).

Reflections from our guests cover difficulties posed to law enforcement, the legitimacy of actions such as Impact Team’s; what we can expect from other “stochastic network collectives” such as Impact Team, and the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Arbitrary (VUCA) consistency of our lived environment. Finally, we hear about Peter’s plan for new “open court” software, and Ella considers the ways in which network entities are arising to duplicate activities previously associated with the state.


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